5 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

So you have weekend plans to visit the used car dealership with intentions of finding a new vehicle. Well, the new vehicle for you, but not new in general (obviously). You know that when you find the used car or truck of your dreams, you have one looming issue:

Which insurance company should I use? We all know we need insurance (it’s the law), it’s just that not every body understands insurance!

Here are 4 tips to getting the cheapest insurance:

  1. Don’t assume any one provider is the cheapest! You MUST shop around. For one driver for a package in one location may be cheaper than the same package for the same type of driver in another location. Studies show that good drivers can pay up to an extra $416 annually by not shopping around.
  2. Even though 4 providers , Geico, State Farm, Progressive and Allstate, represent a large portion of all insurance providers… you shouldn’t ignore your local and/or regional companies. Many times, these smaller companies receive better customer satisfaction scores while supplying better rates!
  3. Double check for discounts! Good driver discounts, bundling discounts, agreeing to direct deposit, owning a used car with security features, things like this can receive additional discounts. All you have to do is ask!
  4. Pay your bills on time! Your credit score is a huge determining factor in your rate! If you simply pay your bills on time, you will get cheaper insurance rates.
  5. When searching the current auto sales in your area, make sure you factor in your insurance into the price of your car! You’d be surprised, but many people buy a car to find out they can’t afford the insurance.

Business Contracts

Anyone involved with any sort of business whether you’re an owner or executive in a company, you will have to deal with contracts. Whether it’s an operating agreement that defines the user roles within ownership of a company or a marketing contract between you and the company providing your marketing. I’ve been in business for years and I have personally been involved in lawsuits as well. Let me tell you, law suits suck and you want to be protected.

Let me tell you this: Having ironclad contracts saved my butt!

For newer companies, known as startups, it’s very tempting to save money and either:
A) Write out or find a template online to use yourself
B) Not use contracts at all

Both of these solutions are my last 2 solutions. What I suggest is that you have someone with a legal background write your contract up OR use a service like RocketLawyer. Services like RocketLawyer provide template contracts you can alter to fit your needs.

Again, these are not people with a legal background. So tread lightly. If you’re in a business that deals with services, selling, reach stackers, and consulting, you may have the need to invest in some iron clad contracts written by a lawyer, who would be the same lawyer that would try your case if it ever came to a law suit.

Just an idea, you can do with it what ya’ want! I’m just pleading, as a business owner who has been in lawsuits:

Put everything on paper, write up a contract, and sign it!

Tips to Having a Benefiting Website

To have a benefiting website you first will need a website designer. There is a huge difference between a designer and a developer. The designer actually makes the creative graphics part of the website. The website developer will turn your website graphics into a functioning working website.

You will need to find a good web designer to help make your website. You will need to search the web and find a local and helpful web designer. Once you have picked your website designer make sure they are from a good website design company. This is key. Once you get your website started you will then need to market your website so you can get the most clicks possible to your website. You want to make sure whomever you hire has a great understanding of the way website visitors are turned into leads or sales!

Just make sure to ask the designer/developer for their portfolio and you can make sure you like the way they design and develop sites. Also, in their portfolio you may see a site that you like that you can tell them is a good starting point for what you had in mind. It will help your developer out tremendously if you approach him with a few sites you have found that you personally like. You can use sites like Alexa to find sites you may like to model after.

This will give them direct on your design project!

The next step is to find your marketing agency, which we will save that post for another day!

How do web design and SEO Coexist?

If visitors land on your website and immediately leave, this ups your “bounce rate”. I higher bounce rate will negatively effect your seo wilmington nc by telling the search engines you are not relevant. So it is important when choosing web design wilmington nc , that you choose a company that has the experience and understanding of what it means for your web design and seo to coexists. One way to reduce your bounce rate is to ensure that you you have excellent photographs on your website.

For instance, you may want some good business portrait photography done to highlight your team members. Maybe you run a computer repair wilmington nc business, and you want to highlight your office and work environment with professional photography. Adding professional photography to your website can drastically reduce your bounce rate and help with your organic traffic! Find one of the seo companies in wilmington nc and make sure you ask them specific questions about bounce rate.

A smart website design project will lead to further sales and revenue growth as long as you have them stick to the technical basics of online marketing.