Business Contracts

Anyone involved with any sort of business whether you’re an owner or executive in a company, you will have to deal with contracts. Whether it’s an operating agreement that defines the user roles within ownership of a company or a marketing contract between you and the company providing your marketing. I’ve been in business for years and I have personally been involved in lawsuits as well. Let me tell you, law suits suck and you want to be protected.

Let me tell you this: Having ironclad contracts saved my butt!

For newer companies, known as startups, it’s very tempting to save money and either:
A) Write out or find a template online to use yourself
B) Not use contracts at all

Both of these solutions are my last 2 solutions. What I suggest is that you have someone with a legal background write your contract up OR use a service like RocketLawyer. Services like RocketLawyer provide template contracts you can alter to fit your needs.

Again, these are not people with a legal background. So tread lightly. If you’re in a business that deals with services, selling, reach stackers, and consulting, you may have the need to invest in some iron clad contracts written by a lawyer, who would be the same lawyer that would try your case if it ever came to a law suit.

Just an idea, you can do with it what ya’ want! I’m just pleading, as a business owner who has been in lawsuits:

Put everything on paper, write up a contract, and sign it!