5 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

So you have weekend plans to visit the used car dealership with intentions of finding a new vehicle. Well, the new vehicle for you, but not new in general (obviously). You know that when you find the used car or truck of your dreams, you have one looming issue:

Which insurance company should I use? We all know we need insurance (it’s the law), it’s just that not every body understands insurance!

Here are 4 tips to getting the cheapest insurance:

  1. Don’t assume any one provider is the cheapest! You MUST shop around. For one driver for a package in one location may be cheaper than the same package for the same type of driver in another location. Studies show that good drivers can pay up to an extra $416 annually by not shopping around.
  2. Even though 4 providers , Geico, State Farm, Progressive and Allstate, represent a large portion of all insurance providers… you shouldn’t ignore your local and/or regional companies. Many times, these smaller companies receive better customer satisfaction scores while supplying better rates!
  3. Double check for discounts! Good driver discounts, bundling discounts, agreeing to direct deposit, owning a used car with security features, things like this can receive additional discounts. All you have to do is ask!
  4. Pay your bills on time! Your credit score is a huge determining factor in your rate! If you simply pay your bills on time, you will get cheaper insurance rates.
  5. When searching the current auto sales in your area, make sure you factor in your insurance into the price of your car! You’d be surprised, but many people buy a car to find out they can’t afford the insurance.